DOGGIDOS - Spaw and Boutique
Welcome to Doggidos Spaw and Boutique

Doggidos offers grooming services to all dog breeds and sizes. Our mission is to groom your dog in a healthy, friendly environment using the most advanced tools and techniques at a competitive price.

In addition to grooming, Doggidos offers pet apparel, gourmet treats, charmed collars, toys, accessories, grooming products, gifts for owners and much more. Stop in to see our large selection of clothing!
Bling, glitter tattoos and color are now available. See Photo Gallery for examples.
A very interesting and education website that tells you what is in your dog's food and if it is a quality ingredient is
Feeding your dog a quality diet will improve his health. Check it out. You may be very surprised at what you find out about your dog's food.
Call 309-344-7666 (34GROOM) to schedule an appointment.
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