Spaw and Boutique

New drop off and pick up procedures

The following procedures are put in place to protect your dog, you, me and my staff during this crazy, uncertain time. We are always trying to adapt what we do to what we know about this virus. I have been given specific instructions on how I operate. For example, each dog that comes in must go directly to the bathtub. This may sound simple to you but it drastically changes the way I must now schedule and rotate dogs. And of course the social distancing demands are growing. Hopefully I can return to a more flexible schedule in the future.

Here is the process for new appointments:

Everyone will receive an email with the new drop off and pick up procedures.

As I schedule appointments, you will get an automated message from Square stating the day and time.

I will then send a personal message from my phone asking for you to respond yes or no to confirm after reading the procedures. I will then reply with a designated pick up time.

I plan to schedule a few days at a time about a week prior to the appointments, so do not worry if you do not hear from me immediately.

No walk in nail trims will be taken at this time. No new customers are being taken at this time.

First and most importantly, if you or anyone you know to have been in contact with is or has been sick, you must reschedule.

Please understand that I will not be able to visit at this time. My priority is getting the dogs safely groomed on schedule. We will catch up at a later time.

Appointment drop off and pick up times will be given in advance and now must be followed very closely. Only one person picking up or one person dropping off is allowed at any given time. Appointments are generally scheduled every 15 minutes. Therefore, you can not be more than 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late. I have a very strict protocol that I must meet to reopen and your arrival time is key. If you can not arrive within that 10 minute window, your appointment will be cancelled. Most pick ups are scheduled 1.5 to 2 hours after drop off. Any dog not picked up at their given time will have to stay until the end of the day and charged an additional fee.

Drop off your dog by entering the back door. Remove all clothing items including the collar and leash. Take all items with you. Place the slip lead on your dog and attach the handle to the hook on the wall.

No haircut requests are being taken. Your dog will be given a suitable trim for it’s condition.

Pick up your dog by entering the front door. Your price will be displayed. Only cash or checks are currently being accepted. No change will be given for cash payment. Place cash payment in an envelope with your name written on the outside. Envelopes will not be provided. Place the check or envelope containing cash in the mailbox in the lobby. Remove the slip lead and place your collar and leash on your dog.

You will get a message with your next appointment.