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  • Bathing - A bathing system is used to mix the shampoo, conditioner, or FURminator deShedding solution with the correct amount of water then penetrates even the thickest coats. It brings oxygen to the skin leaving the dog cleaner and healthier. The water pressure generated provides a relaxing hydromassage.
  • Shampooing - All dogs are bathed using Tropiclean Berry Clean shampoo. Its unique formulation is designed to clean the dirtiest dogs while creating a shiny, luxurious coat. Natural protein and raspberry extract replenish the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat. Routine bathing leaves the skin and coat soft, shiny and looking great.
  • Conditioning - Le Pooch Micro-Encapsulated Creme Rinse is a luxurious formula which combines state-of-the-art time-release technology with ancient botanical extract therapy. The creme rinses feature natural botanical extracts of Royal Jelly, Sea Kelp, Evening Primrose, Apricot and Swiss Chamomile, which have been used in Europe for centuries to soothe and heal skin ailments. Silk Proteins and Pro-Vitamin B5 help improve manageability, sheen and texture.
  • Drying - A high-velocity forced air dryer is used to hand dry the dog. The strong, direct force straightens the hair, prevents curling and blows out dead undercoat. As a result, brushing time is reduce which makes the dogs happier and reduces the potential risk of injury from excessive brushing. The dog's sensitive areas are finished drying in a kennel using room temperature air dryers.
  • Haircutting - All trims are done to the owners' preferences. Both clipped and hand scissored styles are offered. Clipped cuts are enhanced by using a Clipper Vac. This unit lifts the dogs coat away from the skin to eliminate repeat clipping and offer the ability to skim sensitive skin areas. In many cases, matted dogs' coats are able to be left a longer length. The constant air flow over the blade cools it so that the blade never gets hot and the need for unhealthy solvent sprays is eliminated.
  • DeShedding - Because each coat is different, we use a variety of tools to deshed dogs. Keeping your dog clean and free of excess undercoat is the best way to prevent him from overheating in the summer heat. More frequent groomings means less vacuuming.
  • Nail clipping - Nail are trimmed as short as possible, but not so short that your dog will not want their nail trimmed again.
  • Ear cleaning - Breeds with hair growing inside the ear will have that hair pluck. All dogs' ears are cleaned by filling the canal with an ear cleaner for dogs. The opening is then wiped clean with a cotton ball. Dogs who have ear infections or need their ears flush should see a vet. 
  • Anal sacs expressed - Anal glands are expressed externally for routine maintenance. Dogs with impacted glands should see a vet.
  • Accessories - All dogs will leave with bows or bandanna and cologne.

Ala Carte

  • Express Groom - If your dog needs one on one attention and a quicker groom time, then an express groom is a must have. It guarantees your dog will be worked on nonstop from the time it arrives until it leaves, usually in about an hour. Dogs needing this service might include nonstop barkers or highly anxious dogs. This service must be requested at the time of scheduling.
  • Teeth Brushing - Teeth are brushing using Tropiclean Oral Gel. For best results, this simple daily task should be done at home on a daily basis. Tropiclean Oral Gel and Water Additive are available for purchase. Keeping your dogs mouth healthy can prevent many internal problems as your dog ages.
  • Nail Filing - Nails are filed using a dremel to achieve a shorter, smoother edge which is great for dog who jump or owners with thin, sensitive skin.
  • Nail Painting - Nails on short haired dogs are painted to a color of your choice.
  • Bling - Add a little bling to short haired areas on your dog. Examples include ear rings on the tips of yorkie or westie ears or butt bling on schnauzers or cockers. Price varies based on design.
  • Color - Adding color is a great way to add variety to the groom. Favorite spots include ends of ears or tails, mohawks, or random white spots. Color is temporary and usually washes out in the next bath.
  • Between Groom Bath - A bath, blow dry and brush can be done between scheduled grooms to help keep your dog looking and feeling its best. And may help prevent a dematting fee on your next grooming visit!

Walk-In Services

  • Mon - Th 7:00 - 1:00 
  • Current on shots and flea free please!
  • Services preformed include nail trimming and anal sac expression. -

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