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Doggi Dos and Don'ts 
DO walk your dog before arriving for your appointment. Give him plenty of time to do his business. Additional time cleaning up after your dog and rebathing, if necessary, will be charged for.  If your dog is a repeat offender, withholding food is recommended.
All friendly dogs are welcome. DO let us know if your dog has a history of biting or has had problems during past groomings. An additional handling fee will be charged to all dogs requiring extra restraints including muzzles. Some friendly but extremely active dogs may also require additional handling. We reserve the right to refuse service if your dog poses a risk to us or itself.

We want your dog to enjoy its visit with us. Excessive dematting is cruel and will not be performed. We DO recommend that you brush your dog between appointments. We would love to work with you to determine a haircut length and appointment interval which will fit your at home maintenance and will result in a happy haircut for your dog.

I DO require that all new customers reschedule within 8 weeks. It is highly recommended that you schedule in advance to secure your appointment time. Deshed groomings are asked to reschedule every 12 weeks. Appointments exceeding those times will be charged more.

DO give notice for cancelling and rescheduling. Messages left by 1:00 pm on the day prior to your appointment can be filled and your appointment will be rescheduled. Messages left after 1:00 can not be filled and you will be assessed $25 or 50% of the grooming price, whichever is higher. If you miss an appointment without canceling and have one or more future appointments scheduled, you must call to reschedule. Please DO NOT wait until your next appointment to contact me. It is your responsibility to maintain your schedule. Please DO NOT rely on reminders as your sole source of appointment information.
If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, you DO need to call to ask if your dog can still be groomed. Most times, I can still accommodate you but your dog may be the last one to be finished for the day. I will not run late for everyone else because you were late. If your message is not returned immediately, you will be rescheduled and charged for a missed appointment. 
DON’T arrive prior to the arranged pick up time. If we have agreed that I will call you, please wait for the call. If we have set a pick-up time and I am running late, I will call you to let you know how much longer I will be. If you see I have your dog on my table being finishing it, please wait in your car until I am finished. Your dog will become excited to see you, making the finish time longer, the haircut worse and the risk of injury much, much higher. 
If you have been told that your dog is the last of the day to be finished, DO be on time picking up. If you need to leave your dog past 1:00, please make arrangements when scheduling.
DO use a quality flea and tick control products. I DON’T take dogs with fleas. If your dog is found to have fleas, it will be sent home immediately and charged $20 for a missed appointment. Flea bathing your dog prior to his appointment does not rid your dog of fleas but does prolong the finding of them which will cost you more in the long run. If I choose to continue to groom your dog after finding fleas, you will be charge based on the amount found. 
If available, DO pay with cash first, then check. Paying by credit is acceptable and I understand that it is way more convenient, but cost me money. I have never raised prices to cover these fees and would prefer not to.
DON’T write bad checks. Doing so will cost you $25 and all future payments must be cash.
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